Dual-Mode NVIS Backlight

Dual-Mode Backlighting Solutions

TFT LCD displays with dual mode NVIS backlight filters are ideal for aerospace, search and rescue, and military applications. This custom filter can be bonded to an AMLCD backlight stack or as an individual filter. The dual-mode backlighting provides a great solution in an unfiltered light source for use in normal- and high-ambient lighting conditions. It will provide rich, full-color displays along with a second, independent filtered light source that meets or exceeds NVIS requirements and MIL-STD-3009 (MIL-L-85762A) for radiance and chromaticity.

Top-Of-the-Line LEDs

The LEDs used in the NVIS backlight system are selected for a specific chromaticity and filtered to meet the NVIS radiance (NR) properties. Each application is unique, and Spectrum Displays can offer edge lit and direct backlighting to overcome constraints, such as space limitations, specific broad color spectrum, and brightness to meet compliance. Spectrum Displays design development team can create a custom TFT LCD solution to meet your particular application needs.

LED Part and Graph

Custom Coating

We can create custom coating with cutoff filters passing light from 325-620nm. The filters block IR from 650->980nm. These coatings can be designed to have a specific 50% transmission point—below 630 nm±10nm, for example.