Custom-Built Backlights

Custom Backlighting & LED Design

Ensuring you get the right LCD screen with the right features means creating custom backlighting and offering custom LED design. We work hard to ensure that your displays meet your exact needs, no matter the application.

Custom Backlighting for LCD TFT Displays

Spectrum Displays designs and develops direct and edge-light LED backlighting systems with our custom LCD TFT arrays. A bright white LED is typically used during day mode or during high ambient lighting conditions. This type of backlight in combination with an optical front stack provides adequate brightness for the assembly to meet requirements of sunlight readability, as defined in MIL-L-85762A. The LED configuration we offer not only provides excellent luminosity uniformly, it also provides excellent redundancy for increased long-term reliability.

We work in partnership with our customers' product designers to fully understand the requirements and deliver custom display solutions that meet the criteria with complete electronic 3D design, development, and support capabilities within our organization. We can provide you with a completely integrated, custom display solution that meets your needs quickly and effectively. Options such as temperature sensors to monitor and control heater assemblies and LED backlight power and optical sensors to monitor backlight light output over the life of the product are also available.

You can choose the bezel sizes, order custom TFT glass, and define a custom backlight LED assembly for your display. You can also choose optical films to enhance performance, or customize a TFT display module by integrating it with customer-defined interface circuitry and peripherals, like display controllers, LED DC/DC converters for backlight and power supplies, and additional circuitry design requirements.

Custom LED Design

Advancement in LED technology allows for a more suitable form of lighting in most rugged environments for many reasons. LED lights are extremely durable in a wide temperature range. They not only generate less heat, but our designs also dissipate most of the heat transfer via convection into a heat sink and circuit board. This characteristic allows the rugged LED backlight systems used in high brightness LCD display systems.

Bright LED backlight systems developed using a heat sink to transport thermal energy away from critical areas increases the LED effective life in the application. We use an extended color and RGB LED backlights to provide rich colors in the finished display product. With the RGB LED type of backlight system, it is possible to produce sharp spectral peaks of color, and, when combined with the LCD panel filters, results in a larger color gamut. This color can be adjusted for use in applications where displays used side by side need to have the same colors and look to the end user.