Custom drop-in replacement

Mitsubishi drop-in replacement LCD Modules

2.1” SVGA, 10.4” XGA, 10.4” SVGA, 8.4” XGA, 7.0” WVGA

Spectrum Displays offers a series of Drop-In Replacement displays that fit popular versions of the modules affected by the Mitsubishi’s discontinuance of production of all TFT-LCD. We offer a path for companies affected by this end of life (EOL) to purchase a product that is identical mechanically and electrically. These Mitsubishi replacements are designed with the same mechanical dimensions, active area center, resolution, interface connector, and pin assignment. The replacement displays meet all of the same environmental conditions for operation and storage allowing customers a simple path to a drop in second source. The new replacement modules also include robust LED backlights designed to meet the same brightness, mean time between failures (MTBF) and the replacement displays include an LED backlight driver as part of the solution allowing customers to get up and running quickly with our replacement solution.

Optional customized touch screens, specialized optical filter elements, optical bonding are available by request. In addition to these off-the-shelf replacement products, Spectrum Displays can provide a custom solution from early-stage concepts that allow our customers to develop unique products to be first in the market all the way to full volume production. These products are available worldwide to customers who require long term support for their display needs.

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