Custom-Sized LCDs

Custom LCD Assemblies

Spectrum Displays is proud to build quality custom LCD assemblies and displays to meet our customers' demands. Our fully custom displays can be tailored down to the electrical interface, optical properties, pixel pitch, and environmental robustness. We use the newest technologies to develop a lasting custom product to support your specific application in industrial, medical, transportation, or the military market. Each custom LCD adheres to design-specific criteria, such as mechanical and electrical resolution to meet your specific demands.

Round Displays

Round displays are becoming popular for watches, smart home displays, and other applications. Our custom round displays are available in 2.0", 3.0", and 4.2" full TFT LCD configurations that are robust enough for industrial and aerospace applications. These displays include interfaces and LED backlights with wide view cones and are typically made with black optical properties. Custom round displays use the newest technologies available and are ideal for instrumentation in aerospace and automotive markets.

Smart Displays

Turn to us for a full range of rugged, custom-sized smart display modules or SDMs. These enable system integrators and solution providers to bring different customized displays to market faster with great differentiation as a complete solution. SDMs offer modular architectures suitable for indoor or outdoor transportation and digital signage applications. As displays continue to get thinner and efficient performance becomes more critical, our SDMs provide help create the sleekest all-in-one designs. Each Smart Displays Module features:

Large Screen
• High Brightness 1,000 nits
• High Color Saturation
• Intel® SDM Core i5-7Y57 Processor
• Storage 64GB SSD
• Wi-Fi & Ethernet

Heaters & EMI

Spectrum Displays offers custom transparent ITO coatings used as EMI/RFI suppression. These filter elements are designed with excellent transmission in the visible spectrum while minimizing internal reflections for use with TFT LCD assemblies. The viewing surfaces of the EMI/Heater assemblies can be enhanced with broad band anti-reflective coatings with very low levels of diffuse to maximize contrast of the display assembly when used in high ambient lighting conditions.

The cover glass can be coated with precisely controlled, indexed, and matched layers of Indium Tin Oxide (ITO). This achieves very low resistive values per square inch while maintaining high transmission, minimizing internal reflections when bonding in the final assembly. All filter elements include features such as silver frit bus bars and can be customized for unique termination in the final assembly. The coatings and bus bars are processed to be robust and resistant to chemicals, solvents, and cleaning fluids typically found in aircraft applications.

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding increases TFT AMLCD viewing in high ambient lighting or direct sunlight applications. With index matched AR, AG cover lens assemblies, or touch screens, the optical bonding process improves contrast with improved black and white levels by reducing the reflective loss. Spectrum Displays offers a single point of supply for the complete display solution. Optically bonding the filter to TFT modules is performed in a clean room environment using proprietary processes that have been developed specifically for displays used in rugged environments. We supply high-volume, low cost, and small-production types of bonding for aerospace and defense applications. The optical bonding techniques have been rigorously tested in harsh military environments to ensure the display optical stack will perform in a rugged application.