About Us

Custom-Size LCDs & Electronic Displays

Customers across a range of industries count on Spectrum Displays to deliver custom-size LCDs and electronic displays. Our displays are used in digital signage, transportation, automotive applications, medicine, gaming machines, and other markets. Our innovative company is focused on custom displays for small-volume builds.

Advancing Display Technology

Our management team has contributed to both the aerospace and defense industries for more than 30 years, offering unique, custom-sized AMLCD products. Backed by this extensive experience, Spectrum Displays is able to provide custom AMLCD fabrication, resulting in reliable displays at low-to-medium volumes. As part of our service, we offer specific filter elements, including NVIS filters, heater glass, EMI glass, and various high-performance display backlight systems. We're dedicated to high-performance, high-reliability markets that demand long-term support, product diversity, low-volume production, and engineered solutions.

Spectrum Displays has been very successful in developing custom products by working closely with our customers' teams. Our philosophy has always been to identify and solve problems in a transparent way. This philosophy has been implemented by establishing and nurturing close contact with the customer's team at all levels. This team approach is part of our management culture.

Customer satisfaction throughout the design development and manufacturing of custom LCD displays is our mission. Our customers typically need a custom-designed LCD display solution that cannot be found as a standard product in the marketplace.